Airports can make traveling miserable but you can get compensation

Did you ever wonder why traveling from an airport to another may, at times, be so difficult? To get to the airport departure means that you will have to deal with traffic that can be horrendous at times. Then, when you get to the airport, you’ll have to sprint to make sure you don’t miss the flight. Even showing your papers like the ticket to the security might be a hassle as there is no system that can confirm that you have a flight based on the passport number.


Prepare for the flight

On your way to the flight might be an ordeal. When you get in, you might see the light-up board with the details of the flight arrival and departure. Then, much to your dismay, you’ll see that your flight is delayed and you want to get compensation from the airline via Though trip delays are unavoidable yet, the lag makes it so much more difficult as your luggage can be scanned over and over again by security checkpoints.

Think in advance

There might be a swarm of people everywhere, as there are other flights that are also delayed. The congested areas include the terminals, those tunnels, and at every security checkpoint area. Some of the passengers can’t even fall in line. How people will move about is disorganized and when the place is teeming with people that are in a bad mood because flights are delayed. There is no way you can feel at ease as there are a lot of those passengers that are complaining.

Keep things organized

Though if you are waiting for boarding time, a wireless hot spot is a good find. There are signs in most terminals that say there are hotspots, but at times you cannot connect to the network. Those that work in the terminal and even airline personnel won’t be able to help you out, and it is really frustrating. So you watch the lighted up board and count down the minutes to your departure. All things have gotten messed up, schedules, and even your clothes are crumpled. When it is time for boarding, people jump up and crowd before they even fall in line. You are tired and are more than irritated at the delay because time is money.

You have the right to claim

Your valuable time and the inconvenience that getting from point A to point B can be compensated. You have the right to make a claim. You can never take back those precious hours and the mess that it might have put you in because all things are no longer on schedule. You don’t have to let it go and just forgive and move on because you finally got seated on the plane. You can get compensation for  a delayed flight as you deserve to be paid for the inconvenience.

In 2018, one-fourth of UK flights got delayed or canceled. Germany has the most number of canceled and delayed flights, and the UK falls in second place.