Can you get flight compensation when you are denied boarding?

There are reasons why an airline can deny boarding. If this has ever happened to you, it is possible that you are entitled to flight compensation. You have the right to be compensated if you end not traveling for unjustifiable reasons. However, many people firmly believe that airlines can legally deny boarding for without any valid reason. 

Your consumer rights

There are times that a passenger can be denied boarding for what seems to be no valid reason. Airlines cannot deny boarding due to discrimination as there is a law against that. However, when the situation warrants a claim for compensation because of a person’s consumer rights being trampled upon. During those times when the reason for not getting a seat is not specified, you can file for compensation and see it will be approved or refused. 

Legal situations for boarding denials

There are boarding denials that are legally conducted such as that when the travel documents are not complete or in order. A person will also be denied boarding if they arrive late for the scheduled time. In cases like these, the EU Regulation 261/2004 cannot be applied. Still, if the passenger arrives in time for the flight and no allowed to board the plane, that very act of being bumped off can make the person entitled to get flight compensation. 

Improper behavior

There are people who are refused entry to their plane because they are exhibiting improper behavior. An airline can refuse entry to people who are intoxicated or are on drugs. It is the duty of the airline to protect its passengers from those who are drunk, high, or behave inappropriately such as being rowdy or exhibiting violent behavior. Airlines can be quite strict and can deny boarding to anyone that they suspect to be trouble. A person that was denied boarding due to these reasons is not eligible to claim flight compensation. 

Overbooked flights

There are times that a person is in time for their flight, but still, get denied boarding. The flight might have been overbooked and the seat of that passenger was given to someone else. In cases like this, that passenger who was bumped off has the right to get compensated for the inconvenience and distress that it caused them.

Ask for help

It is best to be factual when making a flight compensation claim. Though you may feel angry, it should no cloud your actions. You also have to be honest about the facts of the incident, so it will easier to get approval. You can direct your anger and ask for help to get compensated from one of the most popular flight compensation websites. You will find out the claim amount that you are entitled to and what documents you need to submit for processing the claim for compensation. 

If you have been denied boarding and want to get compensated, don’t back down from filing a claim. To go to the airport and be refused access to the plane might be a cause for frustration and even anger. If you think you have the right to get paid for the trouble that happened, it is time to make a claim.